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It took place in a Kingdom a long time ago. There were people living in peace, the King being honest and kind, the nature being charming and the soil being fertile. All of this was owing to the tiny stone which had fallen from the sky. But there was the other side of the stone: if it was winded up in the wrong hands, it would do evil things. Monsters have discovered about it and stole the stone. And so people started getting upset and exhausted, their dreams got heavy and gloomy. Nobody managed to take away the stone, as the monsters have possessed its power.

Only you are able to return the happiness back to the Kingdom as you have got the magic Hammer. Dwarfs extracted the heaven metals which the hammer was forged from. Your granddad has bought this tool from a stranger and now it belongs to you. The hammer can change its size. While using his power correctly, you can defeat the monsters and return the magic stone to the kingdom.
Return the stone faster, likewise monsters would destroy the Kingdom!
We constantly update our game to make it even better for you. This update includes performance improvements and bug fixes.

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