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The rule of the game is to minimize the points of cards in our hand. If we feel it is minimum among the 4 players, we can declare.
If it is minimum indeed, then we win, and we get 0 game score. If somebody else has game points less than or equal to ours, then we lose and he scores 0 game score and we score double our points as game score.
We throw high point cards and pick up low point cards. We can throw multiple same number cards at a time.
We can pick only one card at a time. We can pick a card from the deck or the open card.
We can declare only after 3 moves. After a game, we are allotted our score. It is max-score if we are not the last, or else it is (second last- our game score) if we are the last. The score gets added up each time. The medium level is locked initially, If your score reaches 2000, medium level is unlocked.
1. Fixed the display problem in smaller display phones (5 inches and less)
2. Fixed single player crashes for longer games.
3. Removed multiplayer temporarily. It will be back soon.

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