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Perfect for those who can live anywhere or travel frequently. Experience the convenience of video dating. Meet and date people who can live anywhere.

“It solves a huge problem in dating.”
– Ksenia, CMO of 6nomads

“What’s really exciting to me is that you’re much more likely to meet someone who shares a passion for travel on Fairytrail.”
– Dann, The Dreampacker

* Convenience *
Never commute or wait until you’re in town again. Video call date from anywhere.

* Remote lifestyle *
Can you work and live anywhere? 93% of Fairytrail daters are or aspire to be fully remote.

* Quality moments *
Safely adventure with your match on social journeys by Airbnb or TripAdvisor. (Not required)

Meet someone who loves exploring as much as you. Experience the world through video chat & adventures.

Learn more:

* Fairytrail is a travel app that makes dating safer and more fun.
* Match with someone, then match on destinations to safely meet on group adventures.
* Date from anywhere and increase your dating pool by 30 times.

We understand in today’s digital world, people are no longer tied to one specific location. With the rise of globalization, remote work, and technology, everyone seems like a digital nomad. Fairytrail is here for you to discover like-minded people and adventures all over the world.


* Save time and money. Video chat with your partner before meeting.
* No more planning. Just meet on fun, safe group adventures. (Not required)
* Adventures by Airbnb or Viator start at only $99.


* Peek outside your backyard
Discover all the world’s people and cultures. Meet people from over 5,000 cities who are also passionate about travel.

* Have fun
Say no to repetitive coffee dates. Experience group adventures with someone you like and build the relationship in a fun, low-stress environment.

* We help you meet with confidence
During our booking process, we verify identities through government ID checks. Your money is safer too because tickets are processed only after both parties pay. More info at


1. Match with single people who can live anywhere
2. Match on a destination you both like
3. Talk and video chat for your first date
4. Book travel through us to safely meet on Airbnb & Viator adventures (not required)

Ready to explore new people, places, and cultures?

Download Fairytrail for free.
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