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■ What is “Kedama no Gonjiro”?
Makoto, an ordinary elementary school fifth grader, who is everywhere, one day encounters Gonjiro, a mysterious creature made of pills!
Gonjiro says, “Hope, it’s a little hair!” A funny life begins for the two big-bang class!

■ Game overview
Easy operation by touching the running Gonjiro! By using two types of “hair action” and “jump action”, we aim to clear the stage by capturing enemies and gimmicks that block the way. Simple but profound! Enjoy the exhilarating action game unique to Gonjiro! !

■ Simple to play! Only two types of touch operation!
Gonjiro runs automatically. All you need is two types of touch operation, “Hair action” and “Jump action”!

(1) “Hair action”
・ Hair-damage shot: Gonjiro throws hair-damage! You can improve your score by hitting hairs around your target and fitting them.
・ Hair extension: Targets that can be grasped with hair, such as trees and poles, have appeared. If you pull out the hair at the right time, you can do a great jumping action!

(2) “jump action”
・ Jump: You can step on the enemy from above and avoid obstacles!
・ Two jumps: You can jump two jumps by performing the jump action again while jumping! Obstacles that cannot be jumped over with normal jumps can be easily cleared with 2 jumps!

■ Train Gonjiro! Strengthen the button!
Gonjiro will level up with “Keiken” that you can get by clearing the stage! In addition, the buttons equipped with Gonjiro can be strengthened with “Kane”! While moving on the stage, make the buttons and buttons stronger! !

■ Enjoy interlocking with the hobby “Kedama no Gonjiro Button Collection”!
(1) QR code interlocking: If you read the QR code on the back of “Kedama no Gonjiro Button Collection”, the hobby button will be registered in the in-game “Button Zukan”!
(2) Conductive interlocking: The contents included in the “button play” in the game can be operated not only by fingers but also by “Kedama no Gonjiro Button Collection” (*)! Let’s inject your power into the button!
* The “Gendai no Button” in the “Kedama no Gonjiro Button Collection” does not work with conductive
■ New interlocking “Kisete Poujiro” (ver.1.2.0 or later): Attach the “Kedama no Gonjiro Button Collection” to the “DX Botachenpo Jiro” toy and let Gonjiro know Then you can enjoy Gonjiro’s reactions such as dancing and hensing!
* Not all buttons are henshin. In addition, in order to enjoy “Kisete Poujiro”, you need permission from the microphone.

[Recommended operating environment]
Terminal with Android 5.0 or above and main memory 2GB or above
* Devices that do not meet the above are not eligible for support or compensation
* Even if the above is satisfied, it may not operate properly depending on the terminal performance and communication environment.

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