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How good is your survival instinct? Can you protect your tank from hitting the enemy tanks?

Time to check your survival gaming skills and enter a tank chase mania. Tune into your survivor gaming mode and unleash your superb tank escape skills to win in this game. You are along with your tank in the tank battle ground and you must hold your position for as long as you can without getting hit by another approaching tank. Sounds simple, doesn’t it? But let us tell you that this tank survival game is highly addictive and very hard to master.
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Tank Games Fun
Survival is not an easy job, especially when you are controlling a tank and dodging many other enemy tanks coming at you from all directions. The tank games offer a fun-filled experience to put your reflexes and focus to test in the battle ground. Tap on any point on your screen to change the direction of the tank and save your tank from hitting many tanks coming at you from different directions.

Tank Survival Game
The tank chase games feature more simple to hard challenging levels. For every tank you dodge, a couple of more tanks will approach you and so on. Train your brain to act quickly when many tanks approach you. You must hold your ground in the tank battle and stay calm to find the best way to dodge the tanks and escape the bottleneck situations.

Collect Coins
For every second you stay in the battle field, you will get points. Get as many points as you can to set a new record. Collect coins scattered in the battle field and use them to get more score bonuses. Escape the tanks, collect coins and have fun!

How to play Crashy Tank – Action Adventure Tank Chase
• Download and launch the tank driving simulator game
• Tap to start the tank chase games on your smartphone
• Start the tank battle and dodge any tank to prevent crash tank
• Stay in the tank survival game for as long as you can
• Collect coins in tank games and get more score
• Tap, steer, dodge and have fun!

Features of Crashy Tank – Action Adventure Tank Chase
• Simple and easy tank chase games UI/UX
• Clean and appealing tank games layout featuring smooth controls
• Single tap play/pause controls to keep a hold of your gaming fun
• Highly addictive tank driving simulator game for all players
• Easy to play but hard to master tank driving game
• Stay in the tank battle for as long as you can survive
• Collect points for every second you stay in the tank survival level
• Change direction of tank by tapping left or right on the screen
• Escape many cars approaching you at once by changing direction
• Collect coins from the game ground by chasing in their direction

Are you ready to play one of the most exciting tank crash survival games? The new tank driving simulator is the best option for you. Download and play Crashy Tank – Action Adventure Tank Chase today!
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